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ASEAN Summit 2009- What will they be focusing?

by lina on October 21, 2009

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ASEAN Summit is nearing and what do you think their focus is? ASEAN Charter will surely be something that would highlighted a couple of issues. My guess is they could bring out the ASEAN Connectivity initiative. This much talk about initiative should be talked about during this summit, I heard the former Sec-Gen Mr Ong mentioned this before. In order to members to stay together and benefit from this regional grouping, connectivity is very important. We should be building roads, air and sea routes within the ASEAN region. This will increase prosperity, creating ASEAN as the hub of the region.

Well this is only part of which of the summit. There are more things to be discussed.

- lina

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What are the Countries in ASEAN?

by admin on August 10, 2009

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I was pretty shock that many people do not know which are the 10 countries that make up ASEAN?

Do you know them? Can you identify them?

Let’s do an exercise.

I am showing you some flag below. Identify them now!


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ASEAN Chairmanship: How did Thailand fair?

by lina on August 10, 2009

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PM Abhisit @ Ideas Talks
Photo by isriya
Personally, there are too much talking about red VS yellow, what have they done for ASEAN and is that enough?

How did they fair? Tell us about it!

No comments from us for now, there are still a couple of months to go before they hand over it to Vietnam.

Let’s see.


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Happy Birthday ASEAN!

by admin on August 8, 2009

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Happy 42nd Birthday!

ASEAN Day Reception- Moment of Silence

by lina on August 7, 2009

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I went to the ASEAN Day Reception last evening and was thinking to blog about it once I reach home, but I was too tired after the wine and good food at the reception. Thanks to Jason, he reported this before me (please come and say hi to me if we happen to meet again!)

Jason reported the overall picture, I will report on the smaller details instead. Jason mentioned about the ASEAN anthem in his blog post, but he not mentioned about the moment of silence when the anthem was played. Seems like none of the people there know how the song is like or perhaps even its existence.

Playing the anthem is a good idea and great step, can I suggest to the MFA to put up a screen to show the lyrics or hand our lyrics during registration.

Or can they give out a card or screen wiper next year with the lyrics on it? This year, they gave us this:

Another thing about the reception is the food. The food is great, with ASEAN favour to it. Can someone tell me who is the caterer for the food?

As for the screening, I did not stay till the end of the reception. I bet many of the people left before the screening too. The screening starts at 2030 hrs and I wasn’t told of the ending timing. Scary, what if this is a 2 hour show? Well, I did catch a glimpse of it during the reception on some small screen. I guess that is enough.

Happy ASEAN Day!


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Minister George Yeo delivered the opening remarks at the ASEAN Day Reception held at the National University of Singapore’s University Cultural Centre yesterday evening.

Minister Yeo emphasized that in order for ASEAN to succeed and make it. The people in ASEAN must feel a growing sense of common ASEAN citizenship. He then touched on the importance of youth and how they relate to ASEAN. Countries in ASEAN should encourage the youth to be familiar with their country and region as a whole. Youth have to develop an affection for SE Asia, knowing its history and culture.

He was also joined by students, senior diplomats, international scholars and ASEAN + 3 ambassadors in singing the ASEAN Anthem.

The reception was followed by the screening of the ASEAN Cinematic Showcase, “Rainbow Troops” (Indonesian film).


ASEAN Society Logo

by admin on August 1, 2009

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After 2 weeks of struggle with the bandwidth of the site, we finally get together to design a logo for our site.


We have placed the ten ASEAN flags on our logo, in a circular manner, side by side. We hope in reality, the countires can continue to work hand in hand to build up stonger economic standings for the regional.


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I am invited to the ASEAN Day Reception on 6 Aug 09. Very excited to be there. Minister Yeo, diplomats and students etc will be there. Are you going too? Drop me a note.

Attire: Shirt and Tie/ Day Dress

Venue: University Cultural Centre, NUS

1830 hrs Arrival of Guests
1850 hrs Arrival of Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. George Yeo
1900 hrs Speech by Foreign Minister Mr. George Yeo
1915 hrs Reception
2030 hrs Screening of Film



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