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Facebook will be back soon!

by admin on August 14, 2010

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We will try to form a community on facebook. Watch this space for more information.

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New Tweets Soon

by admin on August 14, 2010

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We have not been tweeting since June. Will start to do that again. Please support us.

Thank you.

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3rd ASEAN and Asia Forum- 6 October 2010

by admin on August 9, 2010

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My friend from Singapore asked me to post this on the site. No harm helping a friend and this forum seems to have quite a good line up.

You can know more about the event at

Will try to promote this forum as much as possible. I hope this helps.


Happy birthday ASEAN! 8 August 2010

by lina on August 8, 2010

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Happy birthday ASEAN! 8 August 2010

Stay peaceful.



Asean Society is on Facebook!

by admin on March 7, 2010

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We are on Facebook. Please join us!



Is it Safe to Travel to Thailand NOW?

by lina on February 16, 2010

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Our dear admin posted a blog post on what to wear in Thailand. I suppose the the main question is, is it safe to go Thailand, Bangkok now? That is a tough question to answer!

If you recall, there were protests and closure of the airport in 2008, travelers were not able to get in or out of the country via the Bangkok International airport. They have to wait or travel to the southern airports to depart from Bangkok.

So is it really safe? Now there are bombs! It is still safe I guess. Nothing big happen as of now. But just try to stay away the Sanam Luang in Bangkok, the older part of the city where the political rallies are regularly held and avoid pubs or crowded area near government buildings. Who knows where are the bomb?

Any tips? Buy insurance and keep a close eye on news about the Kingdom.

In general, my answer is yes. Thai people are generally friend, and by exercising some sort of common sense will get you around Thailand in one piece. This does not mean that you should over look things.

Have fun!


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What to wear in Thailand?

by admin on February 16, 2010

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I have a couple friends who are going to Thailand this week. They are concerned about the security in Bangkok and started to ask about what color to wear when they are there.

My advise to them is not to wear red but this article from ID9o says otherwise.

This is your call then. Please see the write up below. Be safe!

The word for Sunday is “Wahn Ahtit” in the Thai language, and as in the English literally means “day of the sun”. In Thai culture, there are many pre-Buddhist Hindu legends, and a color associated with each day. In Sunday’s legend, the God Shiva, the destroyer and creator, pulverized six lion-like creatures (called Rajasiha) into dust, wrapped them in a red cloth, and dipped them in ambrosia to create the sun. Red became the color for Sunday, and to this day many Thai people believe that wearing red on Sundays brings good fortune.

What colors will you wear tomorrow? We have a suggestion. Monday is “Wahn-Jahn” in Thai and it means “day of the moon”. In Thai culture, Monday also comes with a Hindu legend, and a specific color that dates back before Buddhism arrived in Thailand. In this legend, Shiva took fifteen heavenly ladies, reduced them into dust, wrapped the dust in a yellow cloth, and sprinkled it with ambrosia to create the moon. That is why the color for Monday is yellow, and also why many Thai people believe wearing yellow on Mondays brings happiness and joy.

Can the color your wear make a difference in your day? Many Thais believe it can. Take Tuesday for an example. In Thai “Wahn-Angkahn” refers to the plant of Mars. It was on this day, according to lore dating back before Buddhism arrived in Thailand, that Shiva took eight buffalos and turned them into dust, wrapped the dust in a pink cloth and sprinkled it with ambrosia. Out from this pink cloth sprang the God Mars, and thus, pink became associated with Tuesday, and wearing pink on this day may bring you good luck.

Have you thought about what tomorrow will bring? When in doubt, follow the Thai way. The word for Wednesday in Thai, “Wahn-Poot” just as in English, refers to the planet Mercury. Legend has it that on this day, long before Buddhism arrived in Thailand, the Hindu God Shiva turned seventeen elephants into dust, wrapped the dust in a cloth the color of green leaves, dipped it with ambrosia and so created the God Mercury. Wearing green on this day has come to symbolize good health.

Everyday in Thailand is associated with a different color, and wearing that color can also bring good luck. Tomorrow, for example, is Thursday or “Wahn-Pareuhat” in Thai. In English and in Thai the name refers to the planet Jupiter (in English from the Nordic God Thor) but in Thailand, the day also refers to a pre- Buddhist Hindu legend about Shiva, the creator and destroyer. On a Thursday long ago, Shiva magically turned nineteen hermits (called Rishi) into dust, wrapped the pile in an orange cloth and sprinkled it with ambrosia to create the God Jupiter. So why not wear something orange tomorrow! Good Luck!.

What’s the difference between today and tomorrow? In Thailand, for one thing, it’s color. Friday is “Wahn-Sook”, in Thai, and just as in English it refers to the planet Venus. In Thailand each day of the week is also associated with specific color, derived from ancient pre-Buddhist Hindu legends. On a Friday long ago, Shiva reduced twenty-one cows to dust, wrapped the pile in blue cloth and dipped it in ambrosia. From this blue bundle sprang the Goddess Venus and blue became the color of good fortune on this day ever since.

We hope your had a wonderful day and that Saturday brings you even greater joy. In Thai, “Wahn-Sow” is the word for Saturday, and just as in English, it means “the day of planet Saturn”. In Thailand, each day of the week is associated with a specific color, which like many pre-Buddhist Thai traditions, comes from an ancient Hindu legend. Shiva turned ten tigers into dust, wrapped the dust in a purple and black-colored cloth, and dipped it in ambrosia to create the God Saturn. Black was originally the color for Saturday but because black has become associated with bad luck, the color of the day has changed to purple and many Thai people believe that wearing purple on Saturday will bring good fortune.

A Brand New Look for

by lina on February 1, 2010

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I have been very busy lately and did not have the time to browse the net. When I visit my ‘favorite’ (:>)asean site, I realize the brand new look. Good job Asean Secretariat!

The site is more organized and they are on Twitter! I hope they can add a forum to their site for the ASEAN Citizens!

ps- I hope the secretariat is watching this site too.


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